Our space

We considered the water, the sky, and our children’s children when we did the following:

Cork Studio Floor

We chose cork floors for our studio for many reasons. From an environmental perspective, cork floors do not damage trees. Cork is a natural, sustainable product that is produced from tree bark. From a health perspective, cork is as a natural shock absorber (think Birkenstocks!) and it contains anti-microbes that prevent bacteria from entering the floor.

Radiant Heating

We use radiant heat panels to warm our hot studio to the desired temperature. Radiant panels warm objects, (i.e. yoga students) directly rather than the entire studio, reducing energy consumption up to 40%.

Friendly Cleaning Products

The studio is cleaned exclusively with environmentally friendly products, which are hypo-allergenic and contain no perfumes, dyes, formaldehyde preservatives, ammonia or other common allergens. We choose biodegrade efficient plant based products. We shop locally for these products at Grassroots across the street.

Natural Mat Disinfectant

We keep our studio rental mats clean with Benefect, a 100% botanical and hospital-grade disinfectant made of plant products, such as thyme oil. How does it work?  Similar to the human production of antibodies, plants produce germ-killing essential oils to protect against invading microbes. Benefect has been proven to kill over 99.99% of bacteria, and it surpasses Health Canada’s efficacy requirements for broad spectrum hospital disinfectants.

VOC-Free Paints

Most paints require the use of petroleum-base solvents, which produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Once in the atmosphere, VOCs react with other chemicals to form ozone, a major pollutant. We use a VOC-free paint product that has virtually no odor or solvents, and it will not result in adverse affects on people or the quality of environment. Since we focus on breathing deeply at Kula, this choice was a must for optimal health.

Mason Jars instead of bottled water

We offer reusable mason jars to ensure students stay well hydrated while avoiding the proliferation of plastic water bottles in the world.

Low-Flow Toilets

Saves gallons and gallons of water with each flush!

LED Lighting

We exclusively use LED light bulbs in all our lighting at the studio.  Besides being 80% efficient (in comparison to incandescent bulbs which are only 20% efficient), LED bulbs last up to 22 years each, do not contain toxic chemicals (like fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury), and are recyclable.




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