Yoga and anxiety October 2017

Yoga to Ease Anxiety & Stress

In this 3hr program participants will be introduced to a variety of mind-body practices that can be put to use in everyday life. These are time-tested, practical tools which can help you to reconnect the mind-body experience, focus the mind, reduce anxiety, increase resilience, and create a sense of ease in your life.

You will learn mind-body practices which can help you to:

  • dissipate nervous energy, release long-held tension and facilitate deep rest & relaxation.

  • soothe the stress response and support the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • release unhelpful thoughts, focus the mind and return to the present moment.

  • foster awareness, compassion and mindfulness in your relationships with yourself and with the world.

These workshops are suitable to those new to yoga and are appropriate for people (18yrs and older) experiencing acute or chronic anxiety, people feeling stressed & overwhelmed, people having trouble sleeping and those who could simply benefit from some R&R.

Sunday, October 29th | 2:30pm-5:30pm

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oakville toronto