Yoga Philosophy Immersion

Explore the development of Yoga through the colorful stories of the master yogis themselves and the powerful practices and spiritual teachings they have given us. This course introduces you to each phase of the captivating story of Yoga, from its ancient roots almost 3,000 years ago to modern times. Based on the original Sanskrit sources, the key spiritual teachings presented in this course take you on a radical journey of self-discovery as you learn how to apply them to your own life. Presented with passionate enthusiasm balanced with precise clarity, the teachings of yoga have the power, not only to uplift your life, but re-pattern your very experience of reality. Warning: during this 15 hour course, you may experience an expanded heart, a joyous feeling of coming home, and/or a deepened understanding of the teachings that underpin the whole Yoga tradition.

  • Friday evening will be a rich exploration of the original meanings of the term ‘yoga’ and how these deeper meanings can inform our modern practice. The evening will include juicy stories and images of the original Masters of the yoga tradition, going back 2,600 years.
  • Saturday will primarily be a deeper exploration of the innovations and contributions of Tantrik yoga, and how they helped shape the history of the tradition.
  • Sunday morning will include more practice, focusing on the “inner yoga” practices that originally were meant to follow the establishment of a bodily practice.
  • Woven throughout will be insightful teachings from the original sources, anecdotes, and dynamic discussion.

Friday March 23- Sunday March 25th | Friday 7pm-10pm Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm & 2:30pm-5:30pm
$60 per session or $220 for the entire workshop

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