Play with Rachel Web

Journey Into Expanding Your Boundaries Through Play

Much of Yoga Asana is taught in a systematic/linear manner to make it accessible and easy to understand. While this approach is a great way to learn the basics, it can also create rigid patterns and habits of movement.  Well…it’s time to shake things up and break free from the norm!  In this workshop, Rachael will help you breakdown the boundaries of practice and through play help you to rediscover Yoga in a whole new way.  This includes learning how to have:

  • Happy Wrists in all poses
  • Soft Shoulders in Downward Dog
  • Sustainably Open Backbends
  • Playful Strength in Inversions
All Levels Welcome

Tuesday, November 21 & 28 | 6:45pm-8:15pm
$55 for full workshop, $30 for single class (10% off for members)

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oakville toronto