Handstand Journey with Donna (1)

Handstand Journey

Have you been wanting to try to kick up into handstand? Or have you kicked up and are you looking for strength and alignment building techniques to help you move further away from the wall? This playful and supportive series of 3 classes will give you time and space to explore your journey upside down. Excellent for students with a handstand practice and for students new to the art of inversions.

Week 1: Foundation for handstand – review key foundation information to support your handstand practice such as; how to use your forearms & fingertips, how to place your hands & shoulders, how your legs can help.

Week 2: Handstand Core (includes press prep) – learn how specific core work can strengthen your handstand – and how closely your core and shoulder strength connect.

Week 3: Handstand Strength – Learn creative and effective ways to build strength for handstands, with and without doing handstands.

Sunday, January 28, February 4 & 11 | 3:30-4:30 pm
$60+hst Full Workshop I $25+HST Single Session (10% off for Kula Members)

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