Buddha On Fire

Buddha on Fire is back at Kula Annex for a revitalizing and restoring all-levels yoga class with live music supporting education in Kenya. This euphoric yoga and tea experience will leave you feeling relaxed, energized and complete.

We’ll start off with some powerful, centering Kundalini yoga to wake up our body and awareness, then flow through some energizing movement and vinyasa. The class will close with restorative holds and a guided meditation to bring us into a deep savasana. Led by Kasia Kord, Erin Keir, and Rachael Fallon, live flute, cello and didgeridoo will be played during the class by Jen Gillmor.

After class, bask in the ambient vibes over delicious tea, homemade cookies and the lovely company of each other.

Note: Part of this event will be respectfully photographed.

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Saturday, November 25th | 6:30pm-9:00pm
By Donation - $15 and Up!

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