Soul-Talk Series with Anne Marie

Soul-Talk explores spiritual life in the context of our daily experiences through the lens of the Wisdom and Mystery Schools Traditions. Classes include conversation, reflection, and personal practice to support the connection to our Wise Self that knows only love.

*All are welcome! No previous experience required.

Space Clearing
Uplifting and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home

Have you ever felt a shift in vibrancy in your home after an argument, stressful experience or a joyful celebration?  Our homes are not just inanimate physical structures; they are receptacles that vibrate with our thoughts and intentions. Learn how to cleanse the energy in your living or work space to release stuck or stagnant energy, as well as enhance the energetic vibration to reflect your heart-felt intention for the benefit of all who enter your space. Space Clearing is a wonderful ceremonial blessing, especially before gatherings such as thanksgiving.

No previous experience required,  just a willingness to strengthen your intuition and ability to extend love to cleanse a physical space.

Saturday, October. 3, 2015 | 11:30am-1:00pm | Kula Oakville | $20+hst

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 | 7:30-9:00pm | Kula Annex | $20+hst


Upcoming for 2016


 Releasing Stress and Mental Worry
Cultivating Peace & Clarity From the Inside Out

Release from Worry-workshop

Often during intense life experiences and stressful periods we are called to lean into our practice and listen to our inner voice for clear navigation.  We’ll explore how fear inhibits our ability to hear our inner wisdom, and recognize cues in the mental, emotional and physical bodies as an invitation to return our attention within. We’ll discuss and practice Sacred Wisdom Teachings, such as receptivity, non-resistance, surrender, forgiveness and inherent wholeness to release worry from the inside out, and assist our mind and heart to receive the grace of peace and clarity that is always available from within.


Starting the Day with a Miracle Mind
Awakening to love for a blessed day

Starting The Day Workshop

 Morning routines often focus on the preparation of our physical body, but our inner and unseen bodies – our thoughts, emotions and energy field – are often left to chance, leaving us vulnerable to reactive tendencies. Learn techniques from the Sacred Wisdom Teachings, such as energetic cleansing and attuning to your Divine Self, to start your day with a miracle mind. Invite blessings for yourself and all whom you may encounter, and learn to be in a miraculous state of clarity, wisdom, and inspiration.


Spiritual Alchemy of Budgeting
Transform Debt to Abundance One Day at a Time

Spiritual Alchemy of Budgeting

Explore the spiritual alchemy of budgeting to transform debt to abundance. Together, we will examine universal themes from Sacred Wisdom Teachings such as being enough, inherent wholeness, gratitude, eyes of abundance, and listening within to address perceptions of fear, scarcity or feelings of not enough that may be influencing your financial health. With intention, practice and personal discipline transform your budget into flowing abundance though spiritual alchemy of inner transformation, especially during added pressure of the holiday season.

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