Colin Matthews, Intuitive Counsel & Yoga Therapeutics

Empowering the journey to greater understanding, healing, integration and well-being

Colin’s intuitive counseling and healing sessions combine scientific knowledge of the human body with highly developed intuitive awareness and modern mystical traditions. Sessions are designed to help you develop clarity, support you in your healing and integration process, and to empower your connection to your highest self.

Intuitive Counsel and Healing:

While no two healing sessions are alike, during an appointment you can expect some of the following:

· An energetic assessment of your current state. This includes studying your Chakras (energy centers), Nadis  (energy lines), and organs.

· An assessment of current belief patterns and life circumstances, followed by prescriptions for empowered alignment.

· A clear description of energetic patterns and ways of being you are expressing in your body.

· Colin channeling and interpreting wisdom from Spirit.

· Massage, glandular stimulation and reflexology.

· Prescription of Yoga Asana, Flower Remedies, mindfulness practices and affirmations.


· Clients are asked to come with an intention and/or questions to explore.

· Yoga Therapeutic Clients are asked to bring any medical records or history available with them.

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