Child Care

Kula Annex is pleased to offer our weekly child care program for children between the ages of 18 months – 12 years on Friday’s at 5:30 PM and Sunday at 5:00 PM.

This offering connects with our core values of embracing interconnectivity and fostering health and vitality by making yoga accessible for parents, and is supported by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers.


New to the program?

We warmly welcome new parents and children to the program!

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class to check-in and connect with our volunteers.

If your child is younger than 3 years old, it’s recommend to attend the first session with them to help them adjust.


Age and attendance guidelines

Maximum of 8 children total per session

– Up to 3 children 18 months – 4

– Up to 5 children between 4 – 12

Age and capacity guidelines were carefully considered in order to adequately support your children and our staff in creating a safe, personal and fun experience.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions and recommend early registration to secure your child’s spot in the program each week.


Registration procedure

All children must be pre-registered for the session. Registration closes 2 hours prior to the start of the session. We recommend registering early to secure your child’s spot in the program. 

– To register your child, call the studio or sign up online.

– Upon arrival check in at the main reception desk

– A waiver form must be completed for each child on your first visit to the studio

– If your child is crying and inconsolable for more than 15 minutes, your will be asked to stay with them or leave the yoga class to be with them.


Session programming

We provide toys, books and activities and our volunteers put together a full one-hour of programming to keep your children engaged.


Health and Safety

For the health and safety of all our Kula community members, staff and volunteers we ask that sick children do not attend the session and that no food items are brought into the space due to allergies.

Children will not be taken off the premises during the child care session unless there is an emergency or evacuation.


Helpful tips and preparation

– Feedings and diaper changes prior to the session

– All drinks in plastic, spill-proof containers

– Feel free to pack their favourite toy or book



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